Keep you diving log safe on your phone

Keep you diving log safe on your phone

My Diving log offers you a friendly interface to create, store and share diving logs on your phone as well as synchronize them with the remote server.

  • Home screen.
  • Adding new log.
  • Adding gear info.
  • Dive info.
  • Dive list.
  • Statistics.
  • Sites.
  • Personal info.
  • Adding certificate.

Synchronization with the remote server. You can backup / retrieve diving logs from the remote server.


Personalisable user interfase - you can adjust what fields you want to see when adding new log.


Friendly user interface to minimize repeated input - country, site name, buddy name suggestions, memori- zation of default units.

Site location

Diving site location in the map - you can easely mark and store precise location of the diving site.


Diving statistics - calculates your dives and their information, e.g.: total dive time, max depth, average air consumption, etc.

Dive log cloning

Diving log cloning - no more you’ll need to fill same day/place diving info multiple times.

Personal info

Personal info - you can save your personal, emergency contact and medical info for an emergency case.


Certificates - you can store your certificate list with their images in case you'll forget them at home.

Dive log sharing

Diving log sharing - you can share you diving info with anybody you want, anywhere you want.